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Dear loyal followers, page fans and everyone who knows us. We are guides from Amsterdam Underground (Ferry, Glen, Michel and Sonja).

We would like to give you an update on how we are moving forward, and how we are right now in this difficult time for everyone. As so many have been affected by the corona, so are we. Sometimes we still walked a tour, but not what we were used to. It has now been decided that we have to make a real stop until after the crisis, much to our regret of course. We, like everyone else, hope that by then, the corona virus has decreased significantly. And that we can then start with a fresh start. So we are still here, and not just let our beautiful educational project go to waste. This project is TOO BEAUTIFUL and TOO VALUABLE for that.

We want to give everyone a very sweet greeting, and hope that everyone stays SUPER HEALTHY in this difficult time.

STAY SAFE, we do that too. And still we would like to wish everyone happy days and a healthy turn of the year.

Your guides Ferry, Glen, Michel and Sonja.

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"Amsterdam Underground has shown me a side of Amsterdam that you normally do not know about".

Our Mission

Amsterdam Underground is a cooperative. The guides are all owners and earn their income with their work. The guides often had to live as homeless and deal with the consequences of substance use. In these difficult circumstances they have developed knowledge and skills that they now use positively while guiding the city walks. Through their own experiences, the guides give an insight into the lives of people with a bit differently life path. The walk provides more understanding for (ex) addicts and fights the stigma that they experience on a daily basis. The work as a guide contributes to self-confidence, self-esteem and increasing self-reliance.

The Regenboog Groep (Rainbow)

Amsterdam Underground is an initiative of De Regenboog Groep. De Regenboog Groep wants Amsterdam to be a place where everyone feels at home. De Regenboog encourages everyone who wants to get the best out of themselves. Whether you have psychological problems, are homeless, use drugs or have debts.

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