True stories about life on the Streets

Going Underground

Private tour

Book a 90-minute private tour with one of our guides and listen to his or her personal story about (surviving) life on the street. You can go for a walk every day of the week and at any time between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. Please note! The booking can be made at least 3 days before the desired departure time. The cost of the walk is €12.50 per person. Groups of up to 4 people are subject to a starting rate of €50-.

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Join a tour

Are you walking alone or as a couple? That’s also possible! There is a fixed 'Join a Tour' on Saturday at 2:15 pm and Wednesday at 3:15 pm starting from the shop of Brouwerij de Prael. The cost of the walk is €12.50 per person. Bookings are not possible for this walk. Tickets will be on sale in the Brouwerij de Prael shop 20 minutes prior to the walk. Make sure you’re on time because 'full is full'. 

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Get to know the rough side of Amsterdam’s city centre. Highly recommended!

Our Mission

Amsterdam Underground offers (former) homeless people and users a meaningful daytime activity that links with their knowledge, qualities and skills. Our guides are usually a long way from the labour market. During the walk, they use their past to inform people about life as a homeless person and about the consequences of substance abuse. Amsterdam Underground offers people from the target group the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills in a positive way, which enables the further development of their qualities and talents.

Our Vision

The Amsterdam Underground city walks guides are all experienced experts on the subjects of addiction and homelessness. They often have had to survive in difficult conditions in which they developed knowledge and skills that they now use in a positive way during the city walks. Through transferring this knowledge to our customers and the dialogue resulting from it, they give insight into the lives of people for whom things turned out just a bit differently. This provides a better understanding of (former) addicts within society and fights the stigma that they sometimes experience daily. This project contributes to the self-confidence, self-esteem and increased self-reliance of the guides. The ultimate goal is to have the project completely carried out by people from the target group.

The Regenboog Groep (Rainbow)

The Regenboog Groep is committed to helping the homeless and people with psychosocial problems and/or addiction problems. The organisation provides care, assistance and meaningful daily activities. We prevent social isolation with the help of buddies. Visitors and participants get an active role in the organisation. The Regenboog Groep’s goal is for the Amsterdam Underground city walks to be a business run by people from the target group.

Our collaborating partners