True stories about life on the Streets

Going Underground

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During that walk we show you the Amsterdam city center with the eyes of someone who is homeless and needs drugs. Is there a place to sleep dry? Can I make money quickly for drugs or booze? Where can I find food and where am I safe? We tell you our personal story. How we ended up on the street. How we survived in the raw and unsafe environment of the Amsterdam Red Light District. And how we can now search and find again in our life, for example as a tour guide of this special city walk.

Of course we adhere to the corona measures (keep your distance, do not shake hands). We therefore run in small groups of a maximum of three participants and one guide.

"Amsterdam Underground has shown me a side of Amsterdam that you normally do not know about".

Our Mission

Amsterdam Underground is a cooperative. The guides are all owners and earn their income with their work. The guides often had to live as homeless and deal with the consequences of substance use. In these difficult circumstances they have developed knowledge and skills that they now use positively while guiding the city walks. Through their own experiences, the guides give an insight into the lives of people with a bit differently life path. The walk provides more understanding for (ex) addicts and fights the stigma that they experience on a daily basis. The work as a guide contributes to self-confidence, self-esteem and increasing self-reliance.

The Regenboog Groep (Rainbow)

Amsterdam Underground is an initiative of De Regenboog Groep. De Regenboog Groep wants Amsterdam to be a place where everyone feels at home. De Regenboog encourages everyone who wants to get the best out of themselves. Whether you have psychological problems, are homeless, use drugs or have debts.

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